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Fees & Scholarships

Tuition Fee

  • The annual tuition fee of national KOSEN(colleges of technology) is about 230,000yen.
  • Students can study at a national KOSEN at about 300,000yen lower than at national universities, whose annual tuition fee is about 530,000yen.
  Entrance Fee Annual Tuition Fee
KOSEN 84,600yen 234,600yen
National university 282,000yen 535,800yen

Dormitory Fee (per month)

Lodging charge (money for meals, fuel and lighting): \36,000/month. These fees vary for each KOSEN. Please make sure to check each college’s website.


Privately financed international students can apply for scholarships provided by the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO).

Scholarships for Study in Japan website:


Exemption from Payment of Entrance Fee

Students may be exempted from payment of the entrance fee after screening if they have significant difficulty in paying the entrance fee due to the death or injury of their main financial supporter up to one year before entrance.

  • Exemption from payment of tuition
  • Students may be exempted from payment of tuition after screening if they have an excellent academic record and have difficulty in paying tuition due to financial reasons. Please contact the KOSEN for further details regarding exemption from payment of the entrance fee and/or tuition.
  • Information on scholarships is available from each College of Technology[KOSEN Portal/Japanese